Get your love on for DST.

This year, we spring ahead at 2:00 am on March 13th.

For all the watch collectors out there, Daylight Saving Time brings a ton of agony the day after. Yep, that means resetting all of your timepieces! (Or, you could just be late for everything by an hour until the clocks go back in November…)

Not to worry, WATCH IT! is here to help. Bring in your tricky timepiece to one of our 30 locations and one of our associates would be happy to help you get with the time.

Still not feeling DST? Here are a few reasons to love “springing ahead”!


1. Vitamin Boost!

Those extra few hours of sunlight provide you with some serious Vitamin D that you’ve been missing all winter.

2. Hello Productivity!

Let’s face it. Once the sun goes down, so does your desire to do ANYTHING but Netflix.


3. Later Sunsets

Because nobody likes coming home from work in the dark.

4. Wearing your sunglasses at night.

Well, at least until the sun goes down… Don’t be that person.



Need some shades to block out all that extra sun? Shop SUNGLASSES today!


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